The Colombian born artist, Miami-based Zan has a new EP and it got our full attention!

”Nostalgia” sounds as incredible as you can imagine and we are speechless by this 5 new tracks that has carved a spot not only in our blog but also in our playlists and as listeners we’re proud to say that we love Zan’s sound.

For us, this mix of Pop, Indie and Electro with a real purpose hits way deeper than any type of hit out there and ”Nostalgia” is no exception. From really catchy and moody instrumentals, perfectly rhymed and well thought lyrics to the great talent of a producer with a golden mind added to the mix! 

The best thing is, Zan makes the songwriting, producing, mix and master.

He makes different music than the average artist, he elevated his sound to a new level, not only the beats he uses are already perfectly produced and completely out of the typical scope for artists, his flow, style, personality and the way he writes his lyrics are beyond incredible.

Songs don’t feel repetitive, the composition catches the listener’s attention and the whole EP is a great masterpiece that definitely will be on repeat for a long time.

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