When it comes to uniqueness the only name that comes to our mind is one, Bully Goat.

His personality transcends beyond his music, he is different, alternative, full of connection and quite fun to listen to. His Hip Hop elevates us to a new level, from the beginning of his new hit ”I Know You See It” feat J Melo X T.Y.G we are sure that he is going to stay for a long season playing again and again in our heads.

Bully Goat’s Music Video ”I Know You See It”

We love how he describe’s himself:

I have an unlimited range with music and I fill it with so much emotion and energy to create drugs in my music. I make people cry. I make people happy!

But who is him really? What’s the message behind his sound?

His name is Bully Goat 🐐 His followers are called the Goat Gang which represents God Over All Things. They promote and influence positive and high energy!

We of course felt this great energy right away the moment we played the song! It was impossible not to be drawn by it! One of the things that made him more interesting was how he made Hip Hop sounds different, like a new genre of its own. Something like an Alternative Hip Pop!

For sure we want to know, what do you think of ”I Know You See It”? Are you down for more? We definitely are!