Dre’ might sound to you as a new artists that will remain unknown but no, that is clearly not his case because his EP ”Life’s Ah Blur” is changing things fast for him!

With his new song titled ”Lose control” the Huntsville, Alabama born and Germany-based artist Dre’ is carving his future into the music industry in all the right ways.

The song, with a high level production and a mix of EDM with awesome vocals is driving us to another universe with only the introduction.

With that beginning, we can only expect it advances similarly but to our surprise the beat, lyrics and mix of vocals elevates the sound to another level, reaching a point we call as ”that explosive glimpse to success”

This song and EP are exactly what I needed this week!

Says one of our team members when we heard the song the first time. This single is so great that in few days it got thousands of streams via Youtube!

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Twitter: _AndreBone_

Instagram: _dreofficial_

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/dre/1509538075