He has the fire, the wit, the power, style and uniqueness to deliver a perfectly crafted songs like ”Lotus” is. ‘F i j i exceeded expectations with this release and we want to tell you all about it!

”Lotus” is all we could ask for, Hip Hop/Rap music over a great loop that feels authentic and sets the mood until when the trap influences hit right in.

Nice honest Lyrics and great flow, he keeps his essence alive and elevates his music to a new level! The song is catchy, easy-listening, has great tempo and we are feeling it so much it was worth adding it to our Hip Hop playlists!

But who is him?

‘F i j i, born in Chicago, has been in the music scene more than 8 years, but felt off due to life’s situations, now that he is back into the music scene he has done few shows in Chicago and has networked with some of the best producers while meeting great new artists. His story is really inspiring yet hard to read, he is a Covid survivor who lost all his tools for doing music due to a robbery and then was in Prison for a crime he didn’t committed. All of this issues that has been going on with him really gave him courage to drop a mixtape which is called Lotus, because even through the struggle and hold back he chose to make something beautiful out of it.

What do you think? Are you convinced yet? If not you have even more content on his Social Media profiles, Apple Music, Youtube channel… 

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