We can hear the clear message ”Worldwide Healing” has, for sure Amytra had begun to suspect that there was no easy way down when she composed this beautiful song and we appreciate each second of it!

The upbeat song was written by Amytra, Kenny Henderson, Jessica Adams, and Rudolph Cannonier, with vocal arrangements/mastering by Dr. Ron Moton, world renown jazz musician and 22-year member of Platinum, Grammy award-winning group, Confunkshun. Lyrics are right on point, it sounds melodically easy-listening, is fun and enjoyable to the listener and it fills the spirit with great energy to go throughout the day.

Her inspiration and knowledge of great musicians, including Minnie Riperton, Janet Jackson, and Sade have shaped her sound, while Prince has inspired her biographical and sometimes quirky lyrics. Like all her favorite entertainers, Amytra’s love of pop and soul music, plus devotion to her craft and respect for llisteners’ time and attention, are both charming and endearing. Somos Sounds Media has characterized the sound of this first single as commercial with “vocals smooth and warm, with a great blend of pop and reggae ballads.” 

Her music video for the debut song includes a great choreography and lots of positive vibes from 4 young kids that are quite the professionals at dancing and this is adding value to the great video and song production.

Amytra’s musical background stems from her Uncle Hank Crawford who was musical director to Ray Charles before embarking on a solo career releasing many well-received albums on Atlantic, CTI and Milestone.
Her mother, an accomplished musician, was a member of the Monterey County Symphony Orchestra in the 60s. Here is where she met Amytra’s father, James L. Crawford, a bass player who was a fellow member. When Mom became bedridden and unable to play violin because of arthritis in her hands, Amytra decided to realize her own dream of becoming a recording artist in honor of her mother’s struggle and loss of her musical aspirations. When her mother died 7/25/20, Amytra decided to release Worldwide Healing in her honor and in honor of all those who’ve suffered in the wake of COVID and race riots. “I wanted to provide a musical salve to mitigate the pain and loss of 2020,” says Amytra.

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