His new EP is titled A.I. and you should go listen to it because it will change you!

New York artist Vary Suite knows how to capture the essence of any artist in a way few can do it. His craft might sound a bit complex and intricate but we assure you, is worth every second of it. We would describe it as a mixed Pop-Rock catchy type of sound with emphasis on composition, great lyrics, high quality production songs and we love it completely!

On tracks like “Catch-25” and “Pretender” the artist focus was the grand mosaic of human emotions, mental struggles and endless suffering such as anxiety, depression, self-doubt & identity crisis, with an emphasis on those who survive and persevere, Vary Suite has come to represent authenticity personified. So, how do you follow that up?

The EP never sounded more effervescent or imaginative than on tracks like the strutting “Grey Matter” or the layabout-anthem “Full Dive,” a rollicking hit that keeps on repeat on our minds.

As always we encourage you to show some support and enjoy his musical career that we predict will be long and full of more awesome hits!