Banana Biz clearly knows how to keep his audience engaged! Few artists have the established commitment of delivering a song per month but that’s not the case when referring to Banana Biz. With full composition and even cover art designed fully by him, the California based EDM artist is bringing some ethereal vibes into his music.

Trent Laughlin continues his musical evolution, bending the tempo on feverish rhythms into dense, hypnotic atmospheres. Using a perfect blend of voices, sensuous soundscapes, and playful polyrhythms that bubble and shake rather than clang and collide, he reveals a groovier danceable side for his fans—one that casual listeners can easily sink into. His music catalogue is developing into a perfect playlists itself.

What else could you expect from such a talented musician? Well, expanding his music to Youtube of course! Be sure to leave some love there as well as Spotify and social media!