Hip Hop has a new name to fear, Kiron R. Dawkins. His new released song “Ba Lee Dat” feat Barry Black tells a common story in a monumental way, their connection between each other as well as with Hip Hop Music.

On “Ba Lee Dat,” they get close to personal. Here Kiron’s sound comes to life. The composition, the arrangement, the production, is all perfectly blended to create a masterpiece. The raising chords and old school kicks bring the golden years of the real Urban genre to us.

But who is Kiron?

Kiron R. Dawkins is an American Musician, Emcee, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He is most known for his voice, flow, and innovative approach to the music. Kiron R. Dawkins who performs as Kiron and Kiron Rasheed would form the foundation of His writing and delivery styles during raps golden era, often writing on top of r & b and pop classics that dominated the radio. His music is truly a soundtrack and snapshot of life.
The recordings are filled with vivid storylines, well rounded content, and literary imagery that paint pictures in the mind. In as much as he is socially conscious in his approach he also provides fun and energetic tunes in between that bring balance and conceptual soundness. Truly this is music whose innerworkings possess an artful wisdom.