We won’t say this lightly but we might be in front of a genius in the middle of his discovering and developing his unique style inside the Pop/Alternative genre. Dies Nox released his new song recently and we can see it growing! @Dies.nox on Instagram.

The clearest signal in the noise, however, lies in the changes Dies Nox includes in his music, indicating his creative essence long before he becomes a mainstay on streaming services like Spotify. ”Juice W” has a challenging act to follow; it seems nearly unfathomable to eclipse the cultural phenomenon of Alternative music so even though it can take time for audiences to start reacting, once they do, they get attracted as a mosquito flies to the light.

The most routinely and common actions take center stage with the tracks “Juice W”. In the former, it is the crisp and commanding lyricism that makes the track so enjoyable, layered over production to show multiple tempos accompanied by Nox’s voice.

As an extended delivery to his audience, the lyric video is also available on Youtube, where it’s gaining notoriety day by day.