Depending on who you ask, music can be a tool to achieve something, an instrument to play with or just a common sound in the background, but for BIG KILL Band music is way more, it has a soul, it has the power to move mountains and calm the worst nightmares and we can listen to it on each of their songs. 

”rotten” was written at the heart of the pandemic. Packed with obscure movie references and even more obscure references to my failed love life. They asked people for months for videos of themselves dancing like nobody is watching, or do whatever they like. Friends and fans gathered.

We at Re-Think love the message as we all have been there and the video as a result is quite wonderful! It’s like a DIY message of hope, delivered trough a single on valentines day!

The song feels like a tool for filling wide-open spaces with sagebrush and starlight. In any form, their music often suggests a sense of weightless drift, a honeyed suspension of gravity as a player glides a stout, shiny little tone bar over beautiful strings from a guitar, simple yet effective and the great blending of the voices during the hook along with the flute are a nice way to get a contrast we can all enjoy.

To us, this new project, explores spaces and memory, spiralling through more ambiguous realms with less concrete thematic associations, relatable lyrics we can all connect to and, as the record stretches deeper into a pool of contemplative, ambient-leaning calming melodies that expanded our mindset and our love for music.

Wonders waiting to occur are behind this ethereal and well crafted single that BIG KILL has gifted us.