A unique and electric soul representing emotions we experience through his music, songs that make you feel scared, melancholic, excited, calm, full of passion and even have the power to inspire you. 

Alaskan Rhino is a talented music producer that uses his music to talk about multiple situations.

His new song ”Concentrate” brings you deep into a state of focus, it guides you through your worst nightmare as it increases with full concentration along the melodic patterns it was built into and it actually helps concentrating quite a lot! While all his songs could be fit into a ”EDM” genre, he goes beyond and blend his sounds with modern beats, electronic synths and rocky sounds that bring dynamism to each track.

The song is a spiral, a dream that went just the way it should go and it sounds incredible. Even more incredible while watching the Visual Video for it on Youtube!

Alaskan Rhino aims to deliver music that people can be comfortable listening, Inspired by the thought of people enjoying it while chilling or feeling like is the right track to dance. One awesome thing about him, he would love to produce music and work on his charity VolunCharity full time. His artist name has a story behind it, Rhino is one of his nicknames and he is originally from Alaska!

In his own words:

Listening to music made all over the world inspired me to use so many different types of instruments that will really be showcased in my upcoming music. I will be even bringing in the didgeridoo into some upcoming songs.

We love his way of seeing music and we definitely enjoyed that video with a Astro-runner!