Brooklyn born-and-raised artists Drama Klub have just released their new single ”It Ain’t Cool” and we’re sure they’ll continue to release music with raw honesty and introspection. Their new R&B mixed single sounds magical, ethereal, melancholic and full of feelings and intentions we all feel related to, the ups and down, the process of a relationship. Voices are a perfect hit towards emotions, the way they wrote the lyrics, how a great song can bring us to another universe on the first chord…. this is more than a song, is the chance of a bright career in the music industry and we’ll be there supporting them!

But where can you listen to the full song?

Up on this link you can purchase their song, included on a compilation by CrimeBoss#1. Their numbers so far are quite impressive!

80 Countries, 23 Spotify playlists, 1.3K+ Streaming hours, 120K+ Total streams in 3 Months, 5K+ Saves in one Week!

We love how ”It Ain’t Cool” grows and increases while the song develops, it’s so easy-listening and we can even imagine a beautiful dance piece performed with it!

Be sure to check their website and enjoy their music!