Giving us a piece of his mind while immersing our minds into a pool of creativity mixed with cultural glimpses and frames similar to greek gods and statues, we find ourselves crossing a thin line between admiration and pure devotion for “Chains” and its Music Video, released a few weeks ago by Diamond Tucker and amazing thousands of views on Youtube.

Each sentence resonates deeper with our thoughts, each sentence moves beyond our core and as the listener, we feel deeply inspired by the reminders Diamond gives to us inside this masterpiece.

“You are here to bring light to this world”

“You are here to break the chains by darkness and pain”

Few details captured our attention since the introduction was played, the way he uses his voice to create a cinematic soundtrack along with the intro, making it personal, unique and highlighting the beautiful tones of his voice as if it was a movie we’re about to watch in the cinema.

The willingness and planning that this music video has captivated us towards listening over and over, appreciating how the song evolves into a darker R&B Beat, a genre that shines on each of Tucker’s songs.

Are the suffering and pain a part of the creation process for him?

With each work we discover a new piece, one that he is sharing out loud, empowering the female image and embracing the beauty of the black culture with his dancers.

As if the song itself wasn’t enough, his African roots and culture exist perfectly represented, with traditional attires that connect us to the Shamanic, the act of being washed by the waters, as if he was reborn and finally breaking those chains of pain and darkness.

This is more than a simple music video, he goes beyond and after to show us how transcendental his music is, an experience that we feel blessed about.

Want to know more about Diamond Tucker? His music is available on all platforms, with his song “Oceans” already surpassing over 10.000 streams on Spotify!