As a wish coming from the stars, I’ve found Street Noize CoCky when I was really in need of new music!

Says one of our team members. We agree with him, Street Noize CoCky has the knowledge, soul and power to go beyond limits and share another side of music that few people know and that we want to share with you!

The artist has captivated our senses with his new album titled ”Detroit Fentanyl” where songs like ”FlatLine” and “Hot Diaper” caught our attention due to the originality embedded into each song.

As it’s already out you can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services!

But who is him? You might be wondering

Born in Detroit MI, William Christopher Knott can trace his early love for music to his childhood mornings where he would wake to the sound of Marvin Gaye and Motown echoing from his kitchen. Music was an important part of his upbringing and a center point for his family in his early years.

Currently, Chris can be found back in the place he calls home, his recording studio. Whether recording artists, producing beats or writing original lyrics it is his passion for music that has contributed to his longevity. It is easy to trace his success back to his early childhood where he was introduced to musical influences that have a resounding impact on his successful 25-year career. 

He is also the producer for an artist called “Wolf” with a new album coming soon!

The 10 songs album is a great introduction to who he is and how his career will develop in the future. Not only his melodies and talent are clearly top in Spotify but for sure we can say Street Noize CoCky has something fresh to offer to the hip-hop scene. Far from being just another artist aiming for the mainstream, he brings with him a modern feeling creating a story for the listener and hitting a deeper connection by putting everything out there, all bars no barres. His sound is clear, simple yet effective and he makes the songs feel effortless even though we know all the complexities that are put in the music industry to achieve such compositions. With a certain sense of rawness, ”Detroit Fentanyl’’ puts you on the spot, much like how it seems he feels in the pieces. Without a second notice, the songs flip the script on you into a great sound, helping to complete the cycle and the experience that it seems like he wants you to see.

You can reach him via social media and of course, go to Spotify and Apple Music and show some love to his new album!