It’s a new month and like everybody, we feel like renewing the music in our playlists, having multiple feelings moving around us thanks to some songs we love to play on repeat and ”Eclectic” by ZMA captured us from the first song to the last (and made it to our On Repeat playlists too!).

We had to know more, to dig deeper and I discovered a great and long catalogue of music from a unique Hip Hop artist that we’re going to introduce to you:

Iraqi – New Zealander ZMA is a rapper and producer that fell in love at 8 years old Since then he grew up and learned from his influences (Eminem, Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre…) until when on 2017 he dropped single. Since then he had multiple releases but ZMA is his new EP and even though he tried going out of his comfort zone, we feel like he made home on each track!

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