Shocking is not an acceptable word for our reaction when we heard Magda Chapel AKA ”Kelani Vibes” with her cover for ”Remember Us this Way” by Lady Gaga.

Magda’s voice is just out of the ordinary! From the first seconds we were getting chills, her deep range sounds so confident and fierce, but calm as a professional she is. As the song advances you can discover new tonalities In her voice, the intention, the posture and how she goes through the lyrics with courage hitting all the notes perfectly, she is clearly a top Vocalist!

Watch the video above while we continue if you don’t believe us but please, please YOU MUST listen the 1 minute 59 second when she brings the full beast power out! The fire she holds in, how she was keeping those vocals inside, just a perfect cover for a perfect song that few people can achieve!

While she is working on more music (she counts with a song already on the radio!) we are going to keep a close eye on her and keep you posted about future news from Magda but… easier for you to get notified by following her Youtube channel or via Facebook!