Y’Hainis has set the bar quite high for musicians around the planet. With his new single and Lyric Video for ”Foreign” the Hip Hop artist is setting the foundation for a great career in the music Industry. In the song, he explores mixing modern progressive sounds with elements of Rap and an incredible flow and talent and we’re here to tell you what we think about it!

”Foreign” is a clear masterpiece for the eyes and ears of the listener, it goes along smoothly, editing is done to perfection and the context and message feels clear as the lyrics develop. The Black/African American artist from Brooklyn NYC clearly knows where his music is leading.

Song feels easy-listening, catchy and the production level is quite high. The mix and master of this song was done thinking about the tones from Y’Hainis and it brings out the talent from beginning to end. A clear 10 out of 10.

This might be the first time we talk about him, but it clearly won’t be the last. We would love for you to show your support by following on social media and letting him know your thoughts via Youtube at the comments section.