Something fresh, unique, different from the typical sound that we get constantly thrown at us by the algorithms. The artists ”Jana and Jorge”, a young talented musician duo formed in 2019 bring us a reflective song to put our minds at ease and enjoy, go with the wind with a long journey of successes from them ahead.

Their song ”Come Back Around” have a great music video and we’re sure they’ll both make you stop and think about the well written lyrics, those precious moments in life as well as the calmness they inspire with this sound.

Want to know more about them?

The duo formed in 2019 after Izquierdo stumbled across Jana’s music on the internet. Izquierdo, a songwriter from a young age, was looking for a vocalist who could bring his heartfelt songs to life. Jana’s emotive voice and expansive catalog of music immediately caught Izquierdo’s attention. The pair connected instantly and despite the thousands of miles between Jana’s home in New York City, and Izquierdo’s home in Peru, they collaborate seamlessly using modern day technology.  

Jana is an accomplished musician and writer who has had her songs placed on popular TV shows like “Empire” and “Dance Moms.” And while Izquierdo is the main writer and producer for JANA & JORGE, Jana uses her experience to refine the songs so that she can deliver an authentic and emotional vocal performance.