DNDMC is a Hip Hop artist with a massive cultural message for America (and everybody out there) Whether you are white, black, asian… we all have seen enough unfairness along the years and we reached a point where we need to stop and reconsider our actions. ”White Privilege” is precisely this, a truthful, harsh and incredible song written to make the listener think about their behaviours.

But this is not your typical political-related song, this one excels and surpasses any expectation you may have from the title. The way the lyric video is made, the instrumental, the delivery and style full of shame and anger from DNDMC, it’s proof of a well thought and well studied raising talent inside the Music Industry.

Few people dare to speak the way he does, even less dare to put their emotions as naked and direct as he does and for that, he deserves each of the plays that he is getting on Youtube.

So far, over 16.000 people have watched his lyric video and we’re expecting this numbers to keep increasing while the message reaches the hearts of those who don’t have a voice, those that he is eager to protect and specially those blinded by their values.