His new album is around the corner on May 23rd and we couldn’t be fine just by waiting for it, we needed to analyse his career to see what to expect when ”Gemini Mind” drops! Are you ready?

Clearly ”Champion Season” has been the song that defined 2021 for us. With the song going quite viral few minutes after it’s release, Ellis B. elevated his catalogue to a whole new level.

We’ve been here for a long time listening to his music, in fact, it was ”Netflix and Chill” the song that got our attention when it was recommended for us on Spotify. Since then we’ve seen the production quality improving song after song (it was good at first but now is great!)

His voice keeps giving us those tones and details we love and that characterise his sound since day 1. We’ve been hooked to ”Stuck on Stupid”, it felt such a relatable song for us at the office and the past two releases ”Peeped You” and ”Champion Season” closed the cycle, giving us a tease of what might be coming on May 23rd.

R&B to it’s most original core

That’s what we expect from him, a massive album full of catchy and moody songs that are as always relatable, easy to enjoy, with well thought lyrics and his smooth singing going along the lines.

We expect it to have around 8 songs, this would be the perfect add for his music and who knows, it might be more!

For sure, whatever the album brings to us, there is no denying when talent meets passion the result is magical and Ellis B. has that effect with every release.