Fresh, different, unique and filled with an atmosphere of uncertainty and emotions.

Like finding a lighthouse far in an ocean crowded with waves, we found dark passenger and his new single titled “a perverse sense of self” in a vast catalogue of music, making us breathe, stop and enjoy a different sound.

He might be a relatively new artist for you, but he definitely knows how to make people enjoy the sound of his new music and has been around for longer than people imagine.

Apart from being extremely talented, we can sense how he has a deeper creative mind that we can’t wait to explore and dive into as he releases more singles!

But who is he?

Believe it or not, ‘a perverse sense of self’ started with just one sample, that being what can only be described as the unique sound of the Mellotron. The Mellotron has been used by a whole host of influential artists over the years such as the Beatles, Robert Fripp and Tangerine Dream to mention but a few. I had downloaded a sample pack out of curiosity and played three notes randomly in a row, these then became the main theme for the track; and if I remember correctly, my daughter was present at the time and commented “you’re never making a song out of those sounds…” And with that, ‘a perverse sense of self’ was born.

dark passenger literally made our day when he released this full vibe instrumental piece and we’re over thrilled for it. It has captured our attention by just adding sounds, blending perfectly with each other and creating an experience that moves beyond our comprehension.

The song evolves progressively, brings perfectly chosen changes to the rhythm and keeps the pulse on as it develops.
The way he plays with it and how he captures the audience with the extra layers is proof of the great career he has ahead.

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