“Love & Loyalty” is out and there is something about their style that has us mesmerised! The song brings us back to the good times, the mix between RnB tempo with Rap and how it fits into multiple Genres, the way both artists are connecting their voices between verses and hooks as well as the perfectly written lyrics are top details to mention! The beat feels melodic, easy-listening and the production level is one of the best qualities possible.

The debut compilation “Urban Royalty Vol.1: Price Going Up!” will be out on March 2021 but we want to introduce you to 2 of the members from Urban Royalty (Reina and Apollo) that are the artists of this hit.

The female lead, Reina is a Composer, singer and record producer raised in a musical and entrepreneurial family. From an early age, Reina was exposed to far-reaching musical influences and artists, as her great-grandmother was an esteemed soprano with the Adventist Church, her great-uncles were musicians in world touring funk bands, and her grandfather was a teen sensation in Turkey, touring and performing cover songs. Reina focused her energy on the business aspect of music while she was completing her Master’s Degree.

On the other hand, Rapper Apollo, AKA Andre Smith, began his rap career surrounded by a musically inclined and entrepreneurial family. He fell in love with writing from his experiences and performing music that would help people. That’s very important to him because he knows first hand just how much music can be a saving grace for some. In his own life, Apollo says music helped him out of dark times. It allowed him to express himself better than he ever could with any other medium.

But who is Urban Royalty?

Urban Royalty is a multifaceted California Bay Area creative collective made up of family through love & loyalty. This is Reina, Apollo, Kush Bud, Donnie Baby, PapaBear & ThumoLij’s first musical compilation (Reina and Papa Bear are siblings, Apollo is Reina and Papa Bear’s first cousin, Kush Bud and ThumoLij are brothers). As they develop & maintain their own brands, in this project you will hear how each artist presents a unique style with crisp collaborations over futuristic trap beats. Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up was recorded, mixed and mastered at the legendary K-Lou Recording Studio, home studio to many classic artists like Master P and the late Mac Dre.

Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up was inspired by the collective notion that there is strength in numbers and creating with a team can assist in your personal growth as an artist.

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Love & Loyalty: https://ditto.fm/love-loyalty-reina-apollo
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3ooachl4gw&t
Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up!: https://ditto.fm/urban-royalty-volume-1-price-going-up