We’re falling into a spiral listening to the unique style of TRUTHR, a rising artist that offers precision, honesty, quality and talent with each word he’s rapping. You can like us, just sit, relax and enjoy the vibrations he is bringing with ”Pajamas”, the title of his new music video where there is no doubt of the wit and willpower the artist has.

You can listen to his experiences through the intention of his voice, the delivery is impeccable.

The song composition is a master craft, they way the instrumental evolves and adds the kick, blending vibes from RnB and Hip Hop genres with Trap. The smooth transitions of his words throughout the entire song, the perfect way to pronounce and deliver each line with intention and how the song flows without any need for extras is just proof of greatness. It might be the first time we listen to him, but it won’t be the last.

With the shocking sentence ”My Generation’s woke, but we’re still in our Pajamas” he is making sure to be a top listened artist not only on Youtube, but also on Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music…


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