Wonderful music, incredible production and a great positive message and energy coming from his new song titled “Never Have I Ever”, this is how we can resume our experience listening to this new song by TEYETAN that has of course, get into our best playlists!

To us, it felt like an Alternative Electro-Pop song that everybody should give a try, just pause for a moment, sit down and enjoy his voice and composition. Somehow it feels like war, post-apocalyptic, full of resilience and wit to stay alive.

”Never Have I Ever” feels also rhythmic, like a deep happiness surrounding our ears and infecting us with a clear and hopeful message, an invitation to appreciate our lives and give a better use of our time. The Lyrics are well written, the voice is perfectly delivered, there is emotion in his voice and we have felt each second of it. 

Wherever TEYETAN decides to move his music, we’ll be there along the way supporting him.

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