Is not the first time we feel like sharing about his music, but each song blows our mind!

Hip Hop and rap with purpose hits way deeper than any type of song and ”If You Know You Know” by El Casino is no exception. From a really powerful, catchy and well thought instrumental and a perfectly performed, written and delivered rap with the great talent of a producer with a golden mind added to the mix! 

Song doesn’t feel repetitive, lyrics catch the listener’s attention and the whole composition is a great masterpiece that definitely will be hitting our playlists for long time!

But who is him?

A passionate artist with an undeniably bright future, Norwalk, California’s. El Casino spent his early years hustling to make ends meet and avoid the trappings of gang life. He pushed the line in the streets, but after being forced to attend two funerals in one day, he made a firm decision to take a new path. Relying on his close family ties, his god-given talent and the hard-earned street smarts, El Casino redirected his focus into creating music. Since then, he has become an emerging force in the hip hop scene as well as an ambitious young entrepreneur with deep connections in the cannabis industry. Whether in music or business, he puts his heart and soul into every venture he undertakes and is always driven by his conscious desire to improve the world around him. With endless ambition and talent, there is no limit to what El Casino can accomplish.

For us, his story is incredibly inspiring and we would like you to drop a follow and enjoy his music on repeat!