Their name is Kramp and they’ve been around for quite some time, sounding and achieving what few can. Their 2020 album titled “GODS OF DEATH” through Rafchild Records was a huge success that left a mark in more than one listener. The album came our as CD, Vynil and Tape, with the last ones being sold out not long after.

Few Bands can achieve such numbers. Probably one of the factors that made them achieve this was the Production by Cederick Forsberg (Crystal Viper, Blazon Stone). A person that if you’re a Metal Lover for sure you will know about. The Cover image on the other hand was fully handled by the Band’s vocalist Mina Walkure.

Let us say this, what a pre-album release! They decided to drop 2 music videos and multiple lyric videos towards announcing the new album and the result is outstanding to say the least. From the production level to the song’s composition, we are pretty sure Kramp has everything to succeed in the industry.

We’ve been talking about how Metal listeners are true lovers but with Kramp it feels like anybody might become their fan.

But who are they really?

The spanish band is composed by Mina Walkure (leader and vocalist),Lap at the bass, Sara C. being their guitarist and Albert in charge of the drums, quite the team!

Mina and her brother Lap created the band in Palencia around 2010 (yes, this is over 10 years of practicing and efforts giving fruits). A bit after that Mina decided to move to Madrid and that was quite the right step as they’ve been part of multiple compilations and have been even performing around Spain and the British Islands thanks to an EP titled Wield Revenge.

If this doesn’t say ”success” all over it, we don’t know what will. Maybe a second music video will convince you to follow them on all their social media!