The Multitalented Spanish artist keeps throwing walls down while his fandom grows on a constant basis.

Fer Rivero has something that motivates us, that excites the listener and transports them into a new universe filled with music, choreographies, digital marketing and video production for social media.

His new single “For The Gram” has been hitting our playlists differently, explaining why is going viral on its own since the song was created originally as a joke, to denounce the amount of effort and silly lives we all pretend to have on Social Media.

Apart from that, Fer has expressed how happy he is about his birthday, moving to a new age gap and celebrating with a great photo shoot to highlight comfort with himself, with who he is becoming and, as a side fact, we know he is working on multiple new songs that will move him progressively to a more electronic sound, something stronger to perform on stage while still keeping songs like “Aura” o “El Poder” in mind.

“For The Gram” went kind of viral two years ago on Twitter, due to how friendly, fun and well-choreographed the song is. The Artist in fact posted the original video in his own Twitter!

As for now, all he said was: There will be more comedy, there will be more music and now that I feel freer than ever, I am determined to enjoy life and provide as much value, songs and creativity as possible.

Are these pictures clues about the new Fer Rivero? As for now, we can see how he embraced his support for the LGBT culture on his TikTok, where he grew to over 6.800 followers in less than a month!

We went ahead and selected some of our favorite pics from his photoshoot so you can enjoy his journey even further!