Her voice is a gift from the heavens and the more we listen to her, the more thrilled we are to listen to more of her already released as well as her upcoming music!

Suzic is a songwriter, singer and composer born in Dublin but based in Waterford, Ireland. Her sound could fit into multiple genres, Electronic, Chill, Gospel, Soul Pop… but we believe her uniqueness has no category to place her music as she developed her style she described as Dance Pop, blending perfectly multiple elements from different genres with her voice and sometimes, even doing a collaboration with other artists.

This would be the case of her song ”Baby Baby” feat Reda Marko, a wonderful uplifting song that makes you levitate and ease your soul to the connection and delivery they both offer along the lyrics.

But who is Suzic?

Her journey through music began in 1982 when she started recording her music in Dick Keating’s studio’s. Keating is known for writing the song ‘Here Today Gone Tomorrow’ which was a representation of Eurovision.

Suzic has been in the music industry for over 25 years and her journey to growth has been one to be emulated by many. She is a role model to many as she has shown young people in order to be successful you have to be consistent, flexible, open minded, patient and also to show perseverance in the music industry and other career in order to achieve your goals in life. Her music is easy to relate with and most of her music is written from her experiences in life. Her music is universally acceptable as it is listened by people from all over the world.

We know you’ll love her music and her extensive experience as she has been part of many album and hits along the years. Why not showing some love via social media as well as Spotify?