Dubai-based Synthwave artist Super Drift has a new song and we’re more than thrilled to introduce it to you!! He defines his style as chilled-out Italo Disco and Synth Pop and we’re a bit obsessed about it!

His new song “Summer Ice” sounds incredible! 

What a great way to spice the day, to wrap it up, to feel achieved and ease the tensions with good music from an artist we love since the first day we listened to his debut single. ”Summer Ice” is that new song.

Super Drift has left us speechless with this song. It’s easy listening, friendly to the ears, has great dynamics and it doesn’t feel repetitive. Blending multiple styles he is achieving a unique feeling and daring us to experience emotions we never had before. We are mesmerised not only by his quality but also for how the song is built to be a master piece.

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