You might not know him yet but he is a fresh, strong and talented artist who delivers high quality music on each single!

”Such is the hype we have, that before his song ”Sleepless night” releases we want to tell you about each of his previous released music!

One of our absolute Favs from him is ”poor people pain”, a song that brings the vibes of afro beat mixed with trap and the uniqueness that characterises Striva 1x on each of his master crafts.

”Rocky Road” moves to a slower and deeper pace, but that doesn’t mean the song is more or less than others, in fact, the song itself is perfect. It makes the soul move and sync with his energy.

This brings us to ”Search”. Clearly one of the best songs from him inside his genre. We love the difference between this one with others of his music that makes you move like ”AH AH”. Such a diverse catalogue!

Now that you know more about him… Are you ready for ”Sleepless Night”?