”Ashita”, the title of the newest song by Sofi Maeda is an incredible Rock/J-pop song that as the music video shows, plays a bit with the ”Mean Girls” high school story where a good girl is constantly bullied by the popular girls who just see her as different from them.

‘Sofi Maeda has full control of her vocal range, ideas and her direction as a rising star

The Rock influences in the song are a perfect mix for her voice as well, she has developed a great and unique genre and works over each of her thoughts to reflect it on the song as well as her interpretation and delivery. We love the way she kept developing the story and into a ”dreamy” state turns into a superhero wandering around the city to confront her nemesis, the bullies.

But who is her?

Sofi Maeda is a young vocalist from Japan who moved to Russia at age 4. Of course this decision was carried by her family. Surprisingly, she had no interest in music until age 14, when a vocal teacher inspired her to start singing.

Sofi is a clear inspiration for us all! Be sure to follow her on social media!