This is how you pre-release an Album. ProfitEli has gifted his fans with a 2 songs EP and we had to listen to it! Some songs set the course for artists into great careers, other songs are the foundation and others are just… there, to fill up the catalogue. Sometimes, you step into an artist that has a clear spectrum of his career on each song, a well planned strategy to follow, the golden ticket on each song and I have to say, ProfitEli is that kind of artist.

Succeeding out of his comfort zone, he hits the charts with Saving Daylight, a new EP that has its own electricity on each track.

”Drop Top (Oouu)” sets the mood for a big start, captivating our ears into a legendary song that we want to keep listening over and over and that (Oouu) goes further in, sinking you into a spiral you don’t want to scape.

”Grow Up” is the perfect second song for this EP, it holds the balance in between this journey, both songs add value to this EP with uniqueness and a blend of genres that feels like a natural transition into the artist’s future and lets you wanting more, but delivers a feeling of closure at the same time. What a combination right?

Be sure to enjoy it fully and set it on repeat while following him on social media! His whole LP will be out soon!

Twitter:afropro_eli76/ @matthewseli77

Facebook: Elijah Matthews