“Ela diz sai” is an iconic single from Pedro Bicas’s latest studio album “Terapia” that counts with the great production skills from El Conductor.

This song is in Portuguese but we took the time to analyse the lyrics for you. The story is about meeting a new girl at nightlife from the artist’s perspective “Esta noite a gente samba, trouxe os sapatos da dança” meaning in English ”Tonight we do samba, I’ve brought my dancing shoes” and how he’s really into convincing this girl “Ela diz sai, e eu, e eu, NA” (She says leave, and I, and I, NA).

To complement this idea, El Conductor produced a high-quality danceable soundscape that tilts between an island guitar vibe type of beat and a mellow spacey melody.

The video clip is a mix between a lyrical video and a great recorded clip of a beautiful girl flirting with the camera along the rhythm.

Stay tuned for all the upcoming releases from Pedro Bicas’s “Terapia”, album that you can listen fully on his Spotify while he releases more and more incredible music.

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