We are no strangers to the talent Paul Balancio has when it comes to music. We’ve seen him releasing multiple albums around Spotify as well as other streaming platforms and we are hooked to his sound already.

From the creative point each song is a perfect master piece crafted with a deeper goal in mind. It might have started with his first album ”Promise to Explain” but it has evolved to more complex songs with more and more details, deeper lyrics and higher technicalities on the vocals . His new album ”X” includes beautiful songs like ”Burnin Up” or ”Everytime I try”, songs that are built over multiple choruses and delivered with high emotion and precise tonality.

We love Paul’s high keys! Such a unique skill few people can achieve in such a effortless way.

Even though you could classify his music as a pop-soul genre, there are so many influences involved in the creation of ”X” and each song hides a part of him that we are excited for you to discover!

The album is also available on Apple Music, as we always say, show your support and follow his profile on Spotify!