Incredible Norwegian Deep Dance/House Artist Lisa Rockfield is here to impress us with a new fresh and motivational ”What’s up with love?”

The song feels like a cheerful anthem to lift up the spirits and just play on repeat throughout the day. Stop what you are doing, turn up the volume and feel the essence of this single.

From her beautiful voice leading the song to the big changes the instrumental brings into this sound, we’re mesmerised by how good ”What’s up with love?” sounds!

We love how she is reinventing her sound, bringing something different to the table and keeping her music interesting, positive and full of surprises for the listener.

But who is she?

Lisa Rockfield has been working with major Norwegian bands and artists over a long period of time, both as a producer and performer. She´s been providing vocals, producing beats, and remixes with/for artists such as Norwegian Giants, Spira, Captain Poon (Gluecifer), Kim Castle, detdusa, Pace Won (Outsidaz), Rita N on Tommy Manboy (Turboneger), Jan Rahman (WE). Lisa is also a vocalist in the Norwegian «supergroup» Konsekvensen which had its debut at Klubbøya (Oyafestivalen Norge) in 2019. The band was booked without as much as a single song released anywhere – which is quite rare and says a lot about the quality of the group and its members (Jan Rahman (WE) Tommy Manboy, (P og Slekta, Turbonegro), Ole Øvstedal (Ole og Silje huleboer / Dharma mm) DJ Ice and Kim Castle)
“What´s Up With Love?” is a collaboration between Lisa Rockfield and Kim Castle.

What is next for her?

Earlier this year Lisa started a collaboration with the American producer and rap artist Pace Won (known from the legendary rap group Outsidaz, and for his work as Eminem´s sidekick in the early 2000´s.

Lisa Rockfield and Pace Won are currently working on a new single featuring both artists. The single is scheduled to be released later this year.

She clearly has the talent to make catchy sounds that feel easy listening. There is personality and uniqueness embedded into this song and we are extremely happy to have the chance of bringing her music closer to you.

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