German based Singer, Rapper, Producer and Songwriter Ottaz is captivating us in conspicuos ways we can’t comprehend. Even though “conspicuos” usually is used towards a negative unwanted attraction, the more we listen to his music, the more attention we must put to the dozens of details and hidden elements inside each track.

We would love to talk about each of his masterpieces but on this specific article the focus goes to Monte Carlo (now, listen to each track because the talent is mind-blowing to say the least)

Monte Carlo is supported by a trap beat that blends perfectly with his voice playing as choruses and adding extra layers of complexity to the single.

One of those appreciative realisations we love to do are related to the cover image, one that introduces the listener to the kind of universe he is building for his audience (are those astronauts in the background of the moon?)

We invite you to obsess about it and comment with us which detail captured your attention.

Not only that, with simple patterns that don’t feel repetitive and beautifully chosen chime bells guiding the song, he raps along the structure offering a different experience than we expected at first. The sound engineering, both mixing and mastering done to the song before releasing well perfectly planned and thought to hit each speaker at the right time, without distracting the listener from the lyrics (written and performed in German).

No flaw to find inside Ottaz’s work, his catalogue is flawless and designed to match in style while growing and exploring his own genre, an experience we fully recommend you to dive into.

Move beyond this blog and visit his YouTube channel, a place where you can find lyric videos, behind the lyrics and a couple of videos that will show you glimpses of what’s coming for all of us following him already!

Also, be sure to drop around his IG!