Are you a music lover, passionate about bands who are delivering beautiful compositions? We have the perfect one for you then!

Music that elevates the soul is always welcomed and Oruba keeps reinventing itself over and over, in this case under with a new and fresh song titled ”Kalika”, a hit that we can’t stop listening over and over!

It moves beyond just creating, it is about bringing value to people, evolving, exploring and finding new ways to reach new sounds, trends and offer always a better sound and a fully immersive experience.

“Kalika” offers just that, a full experience that feels like a trip around the real native music of the tribes. To us, the song helps us concentrate, get in the flow state and loop over and over while our mind wanders the most hidden areas of Oruba’s production skills.

The band is big in this genre and their expertise is shown from moment cero in the song. The mixing and master is flawless, the levels and how each instrument jumps in at the perfect moment is beyond sensational.

But who are they?

Band Name: “Oruba”
Hailed as “Aruba’s tribal music’” the band music has its roots in the folk, native, and jazz tradition of Caribbean music since 2017. They cobbled their name from the Caquetio language and had several names for the Island, like Oruba. The band formed when like-minded musicians kept running into each other at festivals and decided to form the band. The band draws its repertoire from nearly a century of musical history, true to the traditional native tribal music. The band has three festivals under their belt, including the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival 2017/2018 and Casibari Jazz Festival 2019. Oruba has been invited back for performances at this event September 2021 Oruba celebrate their first Album “Totumba” with a spectacular double concert live at the concert hall of Aruba.

On top of that, Oruba are easy to find both on Spotify as well as Apple Music.