What a big surprise we got when we heard them for the first time!

Nihil Admirari’s new single is reaching out to us through guitars and catchy melodies that move beyond our expectations. This song has captivated us, it empowers us to express how we really feel and the general mood is so relatable, that we felt the need of reviewing it in our blog.

“Not OK” is way more than just singing, they are creating perfection and magic around the lyrics, founding and ambient that won’t dissipate for a long time and of course, bringing a new feeling to the song that for us, it became one of our favourites from their catalogue.

Apart from a wonderful band image and a great cover background (we love this kind of art-drawings created for the song’s illustration. It makes them look flawless, the elegance of their sound is beyond compare. We’re standing in front of a band that will keep growing and delivering quality to the audience.

One of the things that characterise Nihil Admirari after listening to them for the first time was the tone of voice of the lead singer and how it blends perfectly with the rest of the band creating a well-balanced mix, the way they keep the intention and the mood flowing along during the entire song… is not acting, they are clearly feeling each word and this song is a wonderful gift for us.

But who are they?

The post-punk trio is based in Brooklyn, New York, where they are expanding their Rock vibes combining with sub-genres and different influencers. A band composed of guitar, drums and vocals, expecting to add a 4th member (a bassist) to their band but, let’s be honest. They’re doing quite well so far with what they have! Their name “Nihil Admirari” is a Latin phrase describing a certain way of life that encourages you to have an open mind towards everything. Not everything is as it seems, and there are many ways to experience life.

Such is the beauty of this song that we want you to show some support by following Nihil Admirari on their Spotify, Apple Music as well as subscribing to their Youtube channel because… they have a Lyric Video for “Not Ok” available there!

Be sure to stay tuned and check their socials while they deliver more awesome music to the world!