The German young producer’s career and producing style is fresh, unique and ahead of most artists around his age. ”MusicByDavid” is for us one of the most promising artists in the EDM industry and to prove it, we had to review his sound!

His catalogue may have 10 songs only but he made sure each song is an Anthem and have the power to make the masses move, in fact, his talent is starting to move around as artists like ”Fer Rivero” have contacted him for multiple collaborations.

How is he not massive already? – Said Fer Rivero when we asked about him.

We don’t have the answer to that but his new single ”Leave Me Now” is out and it feels unique, empowering and a teaser of his possibilities in the music industry.

Can you imagine an artist playing in front of thousands? With MusicByDavid we can definitely see it in our minds.

The complexities oh his sound place him beyond most producers, reminding us of big artists like Calvo or Brooks.

What will the future have in mind for him? How incredible can be the collaboration between Fer Rivero and MusicByDavid?

Find out soon by following on his social media!