This is not the first time we’ve listened to Min’s music. After his successful ”Westworld Reanimated” we were left wanting, seeking and needing more from him. In fact, we wanted to follow him on Spotify to stay up to date about his upcoming music and today… he announced he is releasing a new single in few days!

His new song is titled A Million Fireflies” (feat. Nina Grace).
Fellow New Yorker Nina has recorded some wonderful vocals in this progressive dance house music that shows the best Min has to offer. He is definitely developing his style and being careful with how each song will be presented to his audience. We appreciate that because the result is wonderful to say the least!

Sharing a common goal and dream, they joined forces to create this song. Lucky for us, we got some of Nina Grace’s comments:

“Writing and performing this electronic song has been a fun new experience for me! I hope that the catchy lyrics and powerful beats will resonate with fans as much as they do for us.”
A Million Fireflies (feat. Nina Grace) drops everywhere on Wednesday, March 31st.

Will you be ready for this release?

Be sure to pre-save prior to release day at as well as leaving a follow on Spotify to be notified!

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