”Melting Tree” is an alternative Rock Indie band from Athens, Georgia. Their sound might be independent but it has it all to succeed, is fresh, is perfectly composed, it has energy and the vocals are right on top.

”Athena” their debut single is a contemporary Rock song that we can’t stop listen and that has captured thousands of streams on Spotify in short time! Curious fact:

Athens has a very rich history of music. R.E.M, Neutral Milk Hotel, Widespread Panic, The Drive-By Truckers, The B-52’s, Camper Van Beetoven and Cracker and many more.

This band counts with 3 talented musicians, Jarred Burch (vocalist and guitarist for the band) is a seasoned blues musician with 15 years of experience under his belt while Tyler Peters (Band’s bassist) is more Punk at heart. He works as a TA for the MBUS program at UGA and he is also the wizard behind the mixing and mastering. On the other hand, Logan Choney covers drums in the studio and plays guitar for the band.

Their influences move around Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, 90’s bands of all sorts, this can definitely give you a clue of where their music is heading.

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