A talented artist in the flesh he is and he has new music for our ears!

”His Catalogue is unique and will definitely see itself better thanks to the releases he has”

One of our absolute Favs from him is ”Red Car”, a perfect way to start involving ourselves into his style and how he brings the fun feeling into his music. It seems highly easy to enjoy and listen.

”Slayer 2” moves to a deeper pace, but that doesn’t mean the song is more or less than others, in fact, the song itself is perfect. It makes the soul move and sync with his energy.

This brings us to ”HML”. Clearly one of the best songs from him inside his genre. We love the difference between this one with others of his music as ”Like a Fan” Such a diverse catalogue!

Now that you know more about him… Are you ready for ”GXMEY?




Be sure to stay tuned for his new music coming out in the future!