With a new song title “ALL OUT TOGETHER” the NYC based Mr. Let em Know. Philly Mixtape Legend is setting the records higher than ever!

The song, with a high level production and a mix of talent, great songwriting blended with awesome vocals is driving us to another universe with only the first seconds!

With that beginning, we can only expect it advances similarly but to our surprise the beat, lyrics and mix of vocals elevates the sound to another level, reaching a point we call as ”that explosive glimpse to success”

This song and is exactly what I needed this week!

Says one of our team members when we heard the song the first time. This single is so great that in few days it got quite the attention!

“All Out Together” is a statement of solidarity through the lens of hip-hop culture as seen best fit by Meddafore, during the time of a global pandemic and political unrest. Pairing his clever wordplay and sarcastic delivery with Bangkok-based Pad Thai Soundsystem (Peagreen Voxwagun & Brooklyn Shanti), the song delivers a message of unity pulling Meddafore’s sentiments of the US together with viewpoints from Asian subcontinents. With a definitive shift into an era where we have experienced communication messages from a US administration which has called COVID-19 a “China Virus” or “Kung Flu,” has separated children from parents at the US borders, and touted a “ban on Muslims” – Meddafore and Pad Thai Soundsystem draw a line in the sand stating that it is due time for us to go “all out together” in an effort to create unity. Harkening toward this, Peagreen’s verse compares that unity to the legacies of Dre, Snoop and Eminem while Shanti’s verse focuses on unity through religions and cultures across the Indian subcontinent. Brooklyn Shanti (the1shanti) also created the catchy and melodic production.

“All Out Together” is a message of optimism stating that “now’s the time / connect and make it fit.” It’s one for all, all for one.

The best news are that Meddafore’s debut EP is due out in Winter 2021/2022 on Someplace Called Brooklyn / Soulspazm and we’ll be here to tell you all about it!

You can find the song links to each streaming services here: https://soulspazm.ffm.to/allouttogether

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