With a wonderful sound coming within a deep ground and great written lyrics, Mario Bonds is proving that he is Human and his album titled ”Human” as well has the potential to become one for the legends. Somehow to us he reminds us of the one and only Michael Jackson, the tones of his voice, how he vocalises and the aim in his music, is like listening to him all over again and after starting our experience with ”My Eyes, My Life” we’re extremely sure about his bright future in the music industry.

But who is Mario Bonds?

Beloved for being the face of anti-bullying and motivation, Mario Bonds is a singer/songwriter, motivational speaker, journalist, author, fitness enthusiast and an anti-bullying activist who, despite being totally blind, continues to beat adverse odds. Having overcome a childhood marred by abandonment, abuse, homelessness, parental loss and the loss of his vision, Bonds exemplifies turning tragedy to triumph. From appearing in Oxygen’s 2012’s run of “The Glee Project 2,” to PBS’ 2020 series Blind love,” and to the release of the anti-bullying anthem, Human, Bonds is revered as much needed inspiration for today’s world. The proud father of four adopted sons, he has found purpose through giving back. He holds a degree in journalism from George Mason University, and is the resident journalist for Jenleeion Magazine, a DC-based inspirational publication by the Bonds family that had its January 2021 cover graced by the iconic Dionne Warwick. Bonds’ first anti-bullying-aimed album released on March 30, 2021.

We’re thrilled and touched by how incredible ”My Eyes, My Life” sounds, the way he delivers his message is clearly beyond expectations, full of honesty, personality and honesty as as the listener, this song feels like the perfect point to begin an album with.

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