From a gorgeous piano to a Festival ready song that will make you jump no matter the situation, that’s the power Lukederpwalker holds on his hands.

His new hits are a master craft and worth listening from the first to the last second!

Lukas Kreuzer, AKA LukeDerpwalker clearly knows how to keep his audience engaged! Few artists have the power of delivering hits and yes, we’re definitely referring to them and ”Live Long & Prosper”. From the first time we listened to him he released even more music, a Remix of Lewis Capaldi ”Someone You Loved” and a new original song titled ”Aqua”

He is bringing a mix of ethereal feelings, Melodic chords and energetic influences into this sound Psy-trance sounds blended with hard dance music, available on all streaming platforms!

The cheerfulness comes with only pure intentions on each instrumental, how he leads the song into an always evolving track makes exactly that!

We’re moved by this songs and want you to keep an eye on him as he grows and deliver more awesome music!