If there was a way to jump into a bigger market and set himself in a great position that’s only with an album like “Deliver Hell”.

Reap the Light is a project to expose metal/hard rock to new generations while supporting important causes. By supporting this project, you’ll be supporting victims of Domestic Violence and PTSD as well as musicians and artists. Reap the Light is Reverend Kuzz and Orion Hellraiser, featuring various guest vocalists. All music was written by Reap the Light.

Now there is a lot we have to say about this project and especially this album itself.

Apart from the great lyrics, Reap The Light voices are out of this world, to say the least, familiar and relatable, yet almost impossible to achieve for most vocalists. Ahead of that, we love how much work there is into creating these songs, the electric guitars are beyond insane, not only their whole brand moves around hell, they are the literal representation of it!

Always flawless, proving that you only need your inspiration and a bit of imagination to create something interesting that engages with the audience properly.

The verses are genius, breaking the tempo of the songs, giving a mood boost and of course, bringing hell all the way while offering a different type of sound, making them one of our Metal/Hard Rock favourite artists. We simply kept listening without even thinking about it.

The album is spotless, easy to engage with and the whole composition of the singles are perfectly crafted from 0 to a professional final product that I hope thousands of people relate to as we did.

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