His new hit is a master craft and is worth listening from the first to the last second!

Locked Y clearly knows how to keep his audience engaged! Few artists have the power of delivering hits and yes, even though is their first debut song, we’re definitely referring to them and ”48 Inner Dreams”.

He is bringing a mix of cheerful, upbeat and energetic ethereal vibes into this sound, available on Youtube and Soundcloud!

We recently found enlightenment on this song and it feels like ”48 Inner Dreams” is on a quest to project great vibes and positivity into our lives and throughout music. This is a fun pop song that encourages everyone to let go of their emotional barriers and let their feelings free. The cheerfulness comes with only pure-intentions and his voice leading the song makes exactly that!

We’re moved by this song and want you to keep an eye on Locked Y as he grows and deliver more awesome music!