Spanish artist llvna is breaking numbers and growing up the right ways with his hit ”Solo”

It’s a new day and like everybody, we felt like renewing the music in our playlists, having multiple feelings moving around us thanks to some songs we love to play on repeat and ”Solo” captured us from the first second to the last (and made it to my On Repeat playlist as well!).

We had to know more, to dig deeper and discovered a great and fresh catalogue of music from a rising artist called llvna. Let me introduce him to you:

He is a singer, composer and producer from Mallorca, with an urban sound blending touches of pop and indie.

His sounds are innovating in the industry and clearly we can see that as his first song reached over 40k streams on Spotify! What a debut!

Before he was a solo artist he was inside a group called Flat Dreams.

llvna reaches far beyond the depths of a singular lane artist; a Hip Hop soul with a Indie-Pop’s heart.

After some days talking a bit more with him and listening to his music, his humbleness, his sound, his voice, lyrics and his personality got us to the core of our listening experience. Of course, this brought him a place into our playlists.

As always, a big follow on his page can make a big difference on his career so I encourage everybody to do so!

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