A message that we love and support, but should not even need composing from great artists to be taken into account.

His songs and talent are clearly at top of the industry and we can say ‘’Thoughts and Prayers’’ has something unique that will move more than one nerve inside of you.

Far from being just another artist aiming for the mainstream, he brings with him an old-school feeling creating a story for the viewer and the listener by putting everything out there, all bars no barres. His compositions are beyond detailed and we appreciate each second of them.

‘’Thoughts and Prayers’’ is a song Seth was hoping to never have to sing again. He is among the majority of Americans who are fed up with all the mass shootings in their country. And they’ve had it with politicians sending “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the victims while refusing to take any real action. He wrote this song after the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, TX earlier this year.

His message is clear, simple yet effective and he makes the song feels effortless even though we know all the complexities that are put in the music industry to achieve such professional sound. 

With a certain sense of rawness, ‘’Thoughts and Prayers’’ puts you on the spot, much like how it seems Seth feels in the piece. 

Without a second notice, the song flips the script on you in a great single, helping to complete the cycle and the story that it seems like he wants you to see.

Seth has thrown a stone into the water and this one is resonating on each part of the ocean, and for ocean, I mean the internet. Few artists can put out such a high quality type of message and storytelling into a song, it has charisma, it has power, lyrics are well written and they both deliver precisely that, a unique single aimed to capture fans all over the world. ”Thoughts and Prayers” is precisely that song!

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But who is he?

Seth Hilary Jackson is an American singer/songwriter with a unique signature sound. His style is a blend of classic rock, pop, and country music, while his lyrics demonstrate his gift as a natural-born songwriter with themes on love, politics & mental wellness. 

Born in Brooklyn New York, he later relocated to California to pursue his dream of a hit song before returning to New Jersey 30 years later, His song, “There Is No California” recounts these years of his life.

Seth has been a professional songwriter for over 20 years and has written for an array of independent artists. His songs have been featured in film and TV as well as successfully making it into the European Country Music Association charts where his song, “Wait ‘till I Get My Hands on You”, hit the number 1 spot. Having been highlighted in American Songwriter magazine, he was also Los Angeles Regional Coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). Seth Hilary Jackson wants his music to inspire people to keep moving forward.

Hopefully, he won’t need to keep spreading this message and can focus on using his music to keep changing the hearts of his listeners, as he has done until this day.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2kf11pfCLLGdclCZj76Kvs
Twitter: @songdude
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sethhilaryjackson
Tiktok: @sethhilaryjackson
IG: @sethhilaryjackson