Their latest tune is called Firecelook (feat Icce Man & Honey B Sweet) and is getting quite the audience as the song came out with fire in it!

Dumplinbone is a Music Producer, Hiphop, Reggae and ”weirdstuff” as he described over a nice catchy beat.

His music includes big, deep and vibrating basses that we all love and appreciate it. A curious background story told by him

Since rappers delight I wanted to make these wild, crazy awesome scifi,synthy tunes. Started making mixtapes using double cassette ghetto blasters…the pause button was the secret.Formed a few rap groups and while trying to get a record deal realised there was money to be made in the recording studio biz. Jump forward 25/30 years a professional Sound Engineer, I decided to start music production again. Phat beats, Phatter basslines and mindbending hooks are my style, you’ll get a hint in my music about my past influences, you will definetly hear the 80’s synths

We love how ”Fiercelook” and definitely recommend watching it on Youtube as well as streaming it on Spotify!

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